Can You Get Away With Murdering Men If You’re Beautiful? (ELECTRIC LIT)

Does anyone have a ‘normal’ relationship with their sister? Once you get someone talking about siblinghood, the crazy stories begin to pour out: resentment, betrayal, zaniness, competition, loyalty. Oyinkan Braithwaite has created a manic cocktail of sisterhood into her novel including all of the above. My Sister, The Serial Killerdoesn’t make a decision about whether to be disturbing, insightful, hilarious, or melancholy: it revels in all of those and more.

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Oyinkan Braithwaite Tells AM2DM About Her Inspiration and More (BUZZFEED)

Oyinkan Braithwaite’s Lethal Feminine Fiction (INTERVIEW MAGAZINE


Female black widow spiders are known to cannibalize their mates, a tendency that has turned the deadly arachnid into a pop-cultural mainstay. Oyinkan Braithwaite once wrote a poem about the eight-legged creature. Its lethal feminine power has permeated the 30-year-old Nigerian author’s stories ever since, including the homicidal tale at the heart of her darkly clever debut novel, My Sister, the Serial Killer.

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Oyinkan Braithwaite stretches the idea of unconditional love to its extreme in My Sister, The Serial Killer

Oyinkan Braithwaite is a writer who's fascinated with the idea of unconditional love. Her debut novel My Sister, The Serial Killer is about a woman named Korede and her younger sister Ayoola, who has an unfortunate habit of murdering her boyfriends. Every time Ayoola takes another life, Korede is there to clean things up. It's a very dark, but funny story that's already been optioned for a film by the producers of Baby Driver. Braithwaite joins Tom Power from Lagos, Nigeria to talk about her new book.

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How to Write a Female Serial Killer (VULTURE)

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In Oyinkan Braithwaite’s noirish, critically acclaimed debut, My Sister, the Serial Killer, one sister kills men, and the other cleans up the blood and hauls away the bodies. The novel has been hailed as “an ideal book for the present moment” because of its portrayal of unlikable women joining forces to take down abusive men. But it’s a sly, slim read that resists easy political narratives. As the story moves swiftly toward its dark conclusion, Korede, the narrator, begins to suspect that the younger, more beautiful Ayoola, is killing just because she feels like it.

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A Q&A With Oyinkan Braithwaite, Author of December’s #1 Indie Next List Pick (BOOK WEB)

Booksellers across the country have chosen My Sister, the Serial Killer, the debut novel by Oyinkan Braithwaite (Doubleday), as their number-one pick for the December 2018 Indie Next List

Bookselling This Week: How did you feel when you learned that My Sister, the Serial Killer was booksellers’ number-one pick on the December Indie Next List?

Oyinkan Braithwaite: It was an honor to be the number-one pick for the Indie Next List! I was really, really moved by that. The whole thing has been very surprising. I mean, I do have faith in my writing, but there were so many things that I didn’t even pray for — I just wanted to be published. I wasn’t asking for very much, so I’m honored and pleased at the way the booksellers have received the book. So far, I feel like they’ve been my greatest champions. I’m really, really grateful.

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Oyinkan Braithwaite on her deadly, deadpan, film-optioned debut (ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY)

Oyinkan Braithwaite took a while to warm up to the title My Sister, the Serial Killer. This was her debut novel, after all, and pitching it so boldly, so “on the nose,” wasn’t something she was comfortable with. “I always go for the more subtle thing,” the 30-year-old author says. “But I know I might not seem subtle if you’ve read the novel.”

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Author Interview: 'My Sister, The Serial Killer' (NPR)

Siblings love, disparage, look out for and cover up for one another all of their lives. But how do you love or cover up for a sister who kills her boyfriends and then develops a fixation for a man whom you long to love? Do you tip him off? Do you stop your sister? Or do you stand back? That's the plot at the heart of a dark comedy enlivened by a deadpan wit by the Nigerian novelist Oyinkan Braithwaite. Her book is "My Sister, The Serial Killer."

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Oyinkan Braithwaite's Buzzy Debut Thriller 'My Sister, The Serial Killer' Is To Die For (AUDIBLE)

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RSH: All right. I am in Newark, New Jersey. So, we are literally in very different parts of the world. Thank you so much for joining me on this call. I'm a huge fan. Yeah. I'm a huge fan of your book My Sister, The Serial Killer. The title really says it all. How did you land on that title for this book?

OB: That genius was not my genius. It was Claire Alexander who is my agent. She named the book. I was actually initially a little bit resistant to the name. Because for the same reasons I think people love it. I love it now too, but at first, I thought it was just so on the nose. Initially I just thought, "I don't know, I don't know." I trust her so much. And she was right.

RSH: What I love about it is your writing is so economical. The title too just says so much about the story. It sets up the family relationship, the crime element, and also the subversive humor that runs through it. To me, it's just the perfect title for this book. That's so interesting to me that you were resistant at first. What did it take for you to come around to being happy with it?

OB: I think I just trusted her. It makes things so much easier for me. So, when people ask me, "Oh, what's your book about?" ... "Oh, what's the book called?" And I tell them the name, at that point, I really don't have to say anything anymore.

RSH: Right.

OB: I'm just like, it's exactly what it says it is.

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Oyinkan Braithwaite – MY SISTER THE SERIAL KILLER part of Crossing Border in The Hague on 1st November (ARTSTALK MAGAZINE)

…Acknowledging that the novel itself is not so much about Nigeria as it is about broader concerns regarding modern society in a social media age, her interest is how  contemporary society is so much ruled by looks and image. ‘I think that people nowadays are  generally quite shallow’ Braithwaite says matter-of-factly and admits to being fascinated by the power of physical beauty…

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Wij spraken met Oyinkan Braithwaite (Mijn zusje, de seriemoordenaar) (THIS IS HOW WE READ)

De Nigeriaanse Oyinkan Braithwaite debuteerde met een meesterlijke thriller: geen whodunit maar een whydunit, een koelbloedig verhaal vol zwarte humor en sarcasme. Wij lazen de roman – die al een hit was voor hij verscheen – in één ruk uit en spraken met Oyinkan.

TRANSLATED - The Nigerian Oyinkan Braithwaite debuted with a masterful thriller: no whodunit but a whydunit, a cold-blooded story full of black humor and sarcasm. We read the novel - which was already a hit before it appeared - in one go and spoke with Oyinkan.

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Oyinkan Braithwaite on Waiting For A Dream (THE LADYSROOM)

In this interview, I speak with Writer and Editor, Oyinkan Braithwaite, about remaining steady and tenacious when it comes to one’s dreams. I’ve watched her take on this journey for years, so I wanted to draw out her thoughts about this pivotal period.

Oyinkan is a Nigerian writer whose first book, ‘My Sister, The Serial Killer’ will be published by Doubleday in the US in November 2018 and Atlantic in the UK in 2019. A lot seems to be happening quickly for the writer, but it’s been a long journey to this point for her. I’ve watched her take on this (often arduous) journey for years, so I wanted to draw out her thoughts about this pivotal period.

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