Oyinkan Braithwaite's Buzzy Debut Thriller 'My Sister, The Serial Killer' Is To Die For (AUDIBLE)

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RSH: All right. I am in Newark, New Jersey. So, we are literally in very different parts of the world. Thank you so much for joining me on this call. I'm a huge fan. Yeah. I'm a huge fan of your book My Sister, The Serial Killer. The title really says it all. How did you land on that title for this book?

OB: That genius was not my genius. It was Claire Alexander who is my agent. She named the book. I was actually initially a little bit resistant to the name. Because for the same reasons I think people love it. I love it now too, but at first, I thought it was just so on the nose. Initially I just thought, "I don't know, I don't know." I trust her so much. And she was right.

RSH: What I love about it is your writing is so economical. The title too just says so much about the story. It sets up the family relationship, the crime element, and also the subversive humor that runs through it. To me, it's just the perfect title for this book. That's so interesting to me that you were resistant at first. What did it take for you to come around to being happy with it?

OB: I think I just trusted her. It makes things so much easier for me. So, when people ask me, "Oh, what's your book about?" ... "Oh, what's the book called?" And I tell them the name, at that point, I really don't have to say anything anymore.

RSH: Right.

OB: I'm just like, it's exactly what it says it is.

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