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15 Books You Should Read This November (LITHUB)

In a world wracked with violence on a near-cartoonish scale, it might seem tasteless to say that I’m most excited for a satirical slasher novel hitting the shelves in November. But to describe My Sister, the Serial Killer as just that would be inadequate. The novel contains what it says on the label—a serial-killing sister and corresponding amounts of gore—but is also laugh-out-loud funny (as anyone who sat next to me as I read it on the subway can confirm) and handles a variety of subjects (including Nigerian womanhood, physical beauty, cycles of violence that run in families, and the tension that can develop between siblings) with a deft touch, avoiding both glibness and heavy-handedness.That’s even more impressive considering that this is Oyinkan Braithwaite’s first novel. It’s also been optioned for film by Working Title, so I’m not the only person who’s batting for this excellent little black comedy.

–Miriam Kumaradoss, Lit Hub editorial fellow

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