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A sly thriller, Jeff Tweedy’s memoir, and more Lucia Berlin: 6 books to read in November (AV CLUB)

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My Sister, The Serial Killer follows two Nigerian sisters: One is the beautiful favorite child and probably a serial killer, seeing as her last three boyfriends have wound up dead. The other sister protects her from getting caught. But when the killer sister starts dating the man the good sister has been in love with for years, a reckoning is on the horizon. My Sister, The Serial Killer sounds like a new Gone Girl, and not just because it revolves around a female psychopath; Gillian Flynn’s novel breathed new life into the murder-mystery genre, with such a fresh perspective on the formula that it turned into a sensation. Debut author Oyinkan Braithwaite may do the same with her foray into the genre, bringing a deadly sense of black humor to the proceedings.

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