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Get Amped For The Best Books Of November (REFINERY29)

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Oyinkan Braithwaite is rewriting the slasher novel, and man, does it look good. My Sister, The Serial Killer is a wholly original novel where satire and serial killers brush up against each other. Korede is used to cleaning up her beautiful younger sister, Ayoola's, messes — like Femi, Ayoola's boyfriend who winds up dead on the floor. Ayoola claims she killed Femi in "self defense," but he's just the most recent of Ayoola's boyfriends to die in mysterious circumstances. When Ayoola gets her eyes set on Tade, Korede's coworker at the hospital, Korede has to decide whether to intervene. Korede the only one who understands her sister, but the reverse is true, also. A terrific and clever novel about sisterhood and blurred lines of morality.

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