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The 10 Best Crime Books of 2018 Opium smugglers, mad scientists, Instagram socialites, and serial killers fictional and real. (VULTURE)

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One of those brief yet expansive novels you can polish off in a few tense hours, Oyinkan Braithwaite’s explosive debut is about as much fun as you can have while reading about multiple stabbings. Set in Nigeria, it’s the story of Korede, a dutiful nurse who helps her magnetically beautiful younger sister, Ayoola, in cleaning up after the murders of a string of unfortunate men — Ayoola’s boyfriends. Should Korede put a stop to her sister’s crimes in the name of all that is right? Maybe. But Braithwaite’s biting social satire certainly makes the case for why continuing to aid and abet Ayoola might not be the worst idea.

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