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Our Favorite Crime Books Of The Year (CRIME READS)

Oyinkan Braithwaite has been known for her short fiction already for years, yet this knowledge of Braithwaite’s developing international reputation could not prepare me for the stunning maturity of thought, work, and anger which her debut novel is built upon. Two sisters, one conventionally attractive, and the other plain and practical, are constantly at odds with each other, not least because the more beautiful sister keeps killing her boyfriends, and the more practical sister keeps stepping in to help hide the bodies. As their sisterly bonds are tested, then strengthened, My Sister The Serial Killer becomes both rollicking good story and parody of collaborative enterprise, and finally, a novel that laughs while spitting in the face of the patriarchy. Also, this book makes a really good case for becoming competent with using bleach to clean up blood. Only a crime novel could make cleaning seem this high-stakes…

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