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The Best Books to Buy for Every Type of Friend (THE CUT)

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Move over, Patrick Bateman. There’s a new sociopath on the scene, and although she prefers Whitney Houston to Huey Lewis, she hungers for blood all the same. The debut novel by Nigerian author Oyinkan Brathwaite portrays the character of Ayoola as a kind of siren, so beautiful and seductive that men are drawn to her like flies to shit — so why shouldn’t she swat them down? Her secret weapon (aside from a 9-inch knife she inherited from her abusive dead father) is her older sister Korede, always on hand to help clean up the mess after the fact. Female rage has been so prevalent in literature from the past year, and this novel amps it up more than a few notches. It’s thrilling to turn pages just to see what Ayoola will do next.

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