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Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Graphic Novels of 2018 (POWELLS)

Korede is her sister's keeper. Managing beautiful, impulsive Ayoola would try anyone's patience, but recently she's started ending her relationships in a more permanent manner — and it's up to dutiful Korede to dispose of the bodies. Is there any emotion as subtly suggestive of violence as jealousy? It's a closely held hatred turned inward and its sufferers burn and seethe with it. Korede certainly does, as time and again she is overshadowed by her beloved sister. But, as the brilliant ones too often forget, a smart person can do a lot in the shadows. Smart, cutting (pun intended), and funnier that it has any right to be, My Sister, the Serial Killer is battery acid disguised as a cocktail! — Lauren P.

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